Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Daily Outfit - July 24, 2010

Where: Tracy Morgan Comedy show / Drinks with Friends

From my closet:
Necklace: Aqua/ Bloomingdale's
Dress: Alice & Olivia - Again, one of those items that have been in my closet for over 2 months so technically it's from my closet :-)
Ring: Banana Republic
Watch: Michelle
Shoes: Zara
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  1. Oh my GOD! I LOVE this outfit! That's a dress? Looks like a skirt and top but SUPER CUTE either way. And those shoes... I love your closet sees :)

  2. Thanks Sees! It's Alice and Olivia that I got at like 50% off on I got it a size too big and my lady took it in and made it fit like a glove :-)

  3. This is definitely my favorite outfit on you!!! It fits great. The necklace gives the outfit that sparkly pop:)

  4. This one is a MUST HAVE...I really like the entire look.